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  • Standard with no compressor

Puritan Bennett 840

Vyaire Avea Comprehensive


Quick Overview

Adult, Pediatric and Neonate

Refurbished and repaired by Denova Medical
Parts are available.


The AVEA is a fourth generation, servo-controlled, software-driven ventilator. It has a dynamic range of breathing gas delivery that provides for neonatal through adult patients. Its revolutionary user interface module (UIM) provides maximum flexibility with simple operator interaction. It has a flat panel color LCD with real time graphic displays and digital monitoring capabilities, a touch screen for easy interaction, membrane keys and a dial for changing settings and operating parameters. A precision gas delivery engine with servo controlled active inhalation and exhalation improves performance over previous generations. Features Included: Proximal Hot Wire Flow Sensing, Synchronized Nebulizer, 24 Hour Trending, Internal Battery, Full Color Graphics Display, Loops and Waveforms, Proximal Variable Orifice flow sensing, Proximal Airway Pressure Monitoring, Tracheal Monitoring Tube, Esophageal Balloon, Internal Compressor, Heliox Delivery, Pflex Maneuver, nIMV/ Volume Guarantee, Custom Cart Options Available:, External Battery, Gas Tank Holder, Volumetric Capnography

Additional Information

Name Vyaire Avea Comprehensive
Part Number Avea Comprehensive
Manufacturer VYAIRE VIASYS
Specialty Ventilators
Product Type ICU Ventilators
Name AVEA Comprehensive
Standard Automated MIP/NIF, AutoPEEP and Slow Flow maneuvers,Programmable oxygen increase, Artificial airway compensation, Leak compensation
Optional Volumetric capnography