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  • Standard with no compressor

Puritan Bennett 840

Vyaire Avea Standard


Quick Overview

Adult, Pediatric and Neonate

Refurbished and repaired by Denova Medical
Parts are available.


The AVEA is a fourth generation, servo-controlled, software-driven ventilator. It has a dynamic range of breathing gas delivery that provides for neonatal through adult patients. Its revolutionary user interface module (UIM) provides maximum flexibility with simple operator interaction. It has a flat panel color LCD with real time graphic displays and digital monitoring capabilities, a touch screen for easy interaction, membrane keys and a dial for changing settings and operating parameters. A precision gas delivery engine with servo controlled active inhalation and exhalation improves performance over previous generations. Features Included: Proximal Hot Wire Flow Sensing, Synchronized Nebulizer, 24 Hour Trending, Internal Battery, Full Color Graphics Display, Loops and Waveforms, Standard Cart Options Available: Custom Cart, External Battery (on custom cart only), Gas Tank Holder (on either cart), Internal Compressor, Pflex Maneuver, Heliox Delivery, nIMV/Volume Guarantee, Volumetric Capnography

Additional Information

Name Vyaire Avea Standard
Part Number Avea Standard
Manufacturer VYAIRE VIASYS
Specialty Ventilators
Product Type ICU Ventilators
Name AVEA Standard
Standard Automated MIP/NIF, AutoPEEP and Slow Flow maneuvers,Programmable oxygen increase, Artificial airway compensation, Leak compensation
Optional Volumetric capnography