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  • Skytron Aurora 3
  • Skytron Aurora 3
  • Skytron Aurora 3
  • Skytron Aurora 3

Skytron Aurora 3


Quick Overview

Type: Surgical Light
Make: Skytron
Model: Aurora 3, AUT5, AUT7, AUT55, AUT75, AUT555, AUT575
Condition: Refurbished
Availability: In-Stock
Status: Supported by Denova Medical


Skytron Aurora 3 Series Specifications

 Skytron’s Aurora 3 Series surgical lighting system provides complete surgeon control of positioning, focus, and intensity from the sterilizable center handle. Energy efficient LEDs provide cool, color corrected light that is diffused evenly over the surgical site for optimum shadow reduction.

Wall Control provides controls for main power, intensity control from 0 to 100% in 5 steps for each lighthead, color temperature selection of 4100°K or 4500°K, safety fuses and LED 40,000-hour change indicator.

Sterile Handlesand various adapters are available for sterilizable handles and sterile disposable covers.

 Features Include:

  • Aurora 3 lights can be placed further away from the patient, opening up the line-of-sight and minimizing physical contact with the fixture
  • 110° vertical travel allows downward positioning for hip, OB-GYN and urology procedures
  • 360° rotation on all axes and lightweight construction keep positioning simple
  • Drift-free stability keeps lights exactly where needed
  • Reliable performance and lower cost of ownership bring peace of mind
  • Combination of fixed and variable focus LEDs produce a stunningly brilliant light
  • Unique vertically segmented reflectors create a crisp, homogenous spot
  • LEDs deliver a crisp light while reflectors split each beam
into overlapping rays, reducing
shadows and creating a homogeneous spot
  • Wall intensity control offers five adjustable settings and color temperature selection
  • Color temperature of 4100K illuminates deep tissue with soft, white light
  • Color temperature of 4500K illuminates orthopedic procedures with bright, white light
  • Optional Precision HD camera system



Single Head

  • Fixture Weight: 120 lbs (55 kg)
  • Moment Load: 425 ft lbs (576 N·m)
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: 8´ 3-5/8˝ (2531mm)
  • Maximum Ceiling Height: 10´ 4-1/16˝ (3151mm)


Dual Head

  • Fixture Weight: 237 lbs (108 kg)
  • Moment Load: 864 ft lbs (1172 N·m)
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: 8´ 9-1/2˝ (2680mm)
  • Maximum Ceiling Height: 10´ 4-1/2˝ (3162mm)



  • Electrical: 100-240VAC, 95-175VA, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
  • Max Intensity at 1 meter – Single (lux): @4100K = 142,000; @4500K = 128,400
  • Max Intensity at 1 meter – Dual (lux): @4100K = 284,000; @4500K = 256,000
  • CRI: @4100K = 95; @4500K = 96
  • Color Temperature: @4100K; @4500K
  • Total Irradiance (watts/m2): @4100K = 487; @4500K = 452
  • R9: @4100K = 90; @4500K = 96

Additional Information

Name Skytron Aurora 3
Part Number AUT5, AUT7, AUT55, AUT75, AUT555, AUT575
Manufacturer SKYTRON
Specialty Operating Room
Product Type Surgical Lights
Name Aurora 3
lux AUT7:155K lux
AUT5:142K lux
K 4,100K
CRI 95 - 96 CRI
Type LED
Hours 40,000 hrs
# 3
in / cm 100 in / 254 cm
Options Camera, Monitor, Mobile Stand, Skyboom